Board of Policy Advisors

The Peter Kiewit Institute was founded through the development of a charter and business plan. These documents set the course, outline the charge and provide the benchmarks to measure success.

Acutely alert to the mission put forth in the charter is the Institute's Board of Policy Advisors. It is comprised of 10 members from business and industry with its work facilitated by an executive director. Members are appointed by the University of Nebraska President. These advisors, and the businesses they represent, help ensure the Institute remains responsive to the needs of industry and that it maintains its broad-based community support now and into the future.

Walter Scott, Jr.
Chairman of the Board
Level 3 Communications


Jack McDonnell
President & CEO - Retired
Ameritrade, Inc.


Dick Shoemaker
Pinpoint Holdings, Inc.

Richard Bell
Chairman & CEO - Retired
Henningson, Durham & Richardson


Anthony F. Raimondo, Sr.
Behlen Manufacturing, Inc.


Lewis E. Trowbridge
President & CEO
BlueCross BlueShield

John K. Boyer
Fraser Stryker, Vaughn, Meusey, Olson, Boyer & Bloch, P.C.


John Gottschalk
President & CEO - Retired
Omaha World-Herald


Bob Hinson


Bev Seay
UCF Trustee









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