PKI Goals

The Peter Kiewit Institute developed a series of goals to serve as indicators of success in our continued effort to fulfill its mission.  Each goal focuses on a unique characteristic within PKI.  Individually, these goals function as milestones on our roadmap to national recognition.  Take a moment and read through our goals as these are the foundation for an extraordinary transformation that is currently taking place at PKI. 



People.  Recruit, develop and retain talented faculty, staff and students and ensure that the Institute has the human, financial, and technical capacity to advance the research mission of PKI and the University of Nebraska.

Service.  Provide exceptional service that exceeds the expectations of our research partners from industry and government by being committed to excellence, proactive, friendly and responsive.

Research Infrastructure.  Build and sustain high technology instructional and research laboratories to grow and strengthen the University’s infrastructure needed to support research across and within the colleges, schools and centers based at PKI.

Research Administration.  Assist research, tenured and tenure track faculty in obtaining and administering sponsored research grants through assistance with grant writing, proposal submission and administrative management of awarded funds.

Research Development.  Develop strategic relationships with industry and government agencies to pursue research opportunities involving PKI faculty.

Student and Postdoctoral Research.  Support and encourage tenured and tenure track faculty to engage undergraduate and graduate students and postdoctoral researchers in PKI research.

Technology Transfer.  Provide administrative support and services to PKI researchers to protect and commercialize technology and innovations and to facilitate economic development by forming companies to commercialize intellectual property.

Regulatory Compliance.  Ensure PKI faculty are informed of and comply with relevant research regulations such as the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) and the International Traffic Arms Regulations (ITAR) through monitoring and management of research activities and implementation of internal controls in place.


2020 Research Program Goal.  To expand PKI research by five-fold thereby fostering regional business development and economic growth through commercialization of technology and intellectual property.

2020 Academic Program Goal.  To grow PKI student enrollments by 50% from current levels (from 1800 to 2700) to meet future industry and government workforce needs.

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