PKI Staff


Leah Ellis
Scholar Recruitment & Special Projects
(402) 554-2158

Amy Freking
Executive Assistant
(402) 554-3333

Anna Ravnholdt
Business Manager
(402) 554-2159

James Taylor
Research Coordinator
(402) 554-3340

Gail Frame
Society of American Military Engineers
Mentor Program Administrator

Other Institute Faculty and Staff

College of Engineering
All College Faculty and Staff

Dr. Timothy Wei
College of Engineering Dean
(402) 472-7071

College of Engineering website

College of IS&T
All College Faculty and Staff

Dr. Hesham Ali
College of IS&T Dean
(402) 554-2830

College of IS&T website


Durham School of Architectural Engineering & Construction

Dr. Jay Puckett
(402) 554-3037
The Charles W. Durham School website

School of Interdisciplinary Informatics

Dr. Ann Fruhling
(402) 554-4968

School of Interdisciplinary Informatics website


Undergraduate Advisor

Alma Ramirez-Rodgers
Assistant Director  Engineering Dean's Office
(402) 554-3618

Undergraduate Admissions

Undergraduate Advisor

Judy Monarrez Diaz-Kelsey
IS&T Undergraduate Advisor
(402) 554-3818

Undergraduate Admissions

Graduate Advisor

UNL Graduate Admissions

Graduate Advisor

Carla Frakes
IS&T Graduate Advisor
(402) 554-2073

UNO Graduate Admissions

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