College of Information Science & Technology

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Established in 1996 as one of two colleges within the Peter Kiewit Institute, the College of Information Science and Technology (along with the College of Engineering & Technology) is helping the University of Nebraska gain national stature in the area of information technology.  The college offers five undergraduate degree programs and four graduate degree programs in the following areas:



Bioinformatics is an emerging, rapidly expanding scientific discipline that addresses problems related to the collection, processing, analysis of the vast amounts of data describing the structure and function of biological systems. Bioinformatics is a truly interdisciplinary science, bringing together aspects of computer science, molecular biology, chemistry and mathematics. Bioinformatics merges computer and information science with the study of genetic information and biological structures. Bioinformatics allows researchers to open new windows of insight into our genetic makeup, providing pathways to understanding disease processes and creating novel diagnostic and treatment strategies. There is an immense and growing need for experts in this field, in order to capitalize on the growing body of knowledge regarding the genome. A graduate of the UNO Bioinformatics program will gain a solid background in a wide variety of positions in the biomedical and biotechnology industries, for graduate study in bioinformatics or related areas and, with the addition of a few courses, medical school.

Computer Science

The Computer Science program provides a firm foundation in the theory and applications of computing while allowing for additional concentration in areas of choice, such as information systems, mainframe computing, computer networking, telecommunications, data and knowledge engineering and software development. This discipline is based on building computer tools that make computers useful.

Information Assurance

Information assurance (IA) is an emerging and rapidly expanding area of study which addresses fundamental problems in the design, development, implementation and support of secure information systems. The need for secure information systems has become a paramount concern as the computer-enabled, Internet-connected, digital-based global society of the 21st century emerges. The college offers an undergraduate degree program in IA (BS in IA). In addition, students pursuing their undergraduate (BS) degrees in Computer Science or Management Information Systems can chose an IA area of concentration.

IT Innovation

As an IT Innovation major you can pick 33 credit hours that are aligned with the practice area that you want. Does the possibility of becoming an entrepreneur excite you? If you said yes, you could be a candidate to major in IT Innovation. IT Innovation gives you a strong background in Information Technology and gives you flexibility to delve into the practice area that you choose while preparing you for entrepreneurship or intrepreneurship.

Management Information Systems

The MIS Program involves the study of the acquisition, deployment and management of information technology resources. It also involves the study of the development of an information infrastructure and systems for use in organizations. Courses in this degree program are listed in the catalog as Information Systems and Quantitative Analysis (ISQA).