Scholarships & Financial Aid

The Peter Kiewit Institute offers over two hundred scholarships which are available to students pursuing degrees offered at the Institute.   The academic scholarships vary in terms of requirements, field of study and financial need.  The scholarships cover a full range of costs from full tuition and expenses to partial coverage by semester.

The Walter Scott, Jr. Scholarship Application Process

The Walter Scott, Jr. Scholarship is the most prestigious scholarship extended by The Peter Kiewit Institute (PKI), University of Nebraska. The scholarship provides four years of funding for undergraduate programs based within the Peter Kiewit Institute and taught by the College of Engineering or College of Information Science & Technology. 

The Walter Scott, Jr. Scholarship covers: university fees, required course books and materials, room and board for Fall and Spring terms at Scott Resident Hall. When paired with The University of Nebraska Regents' Scholarship, it can be considered a "full-ride" scholarship. 

Recipients for the Walter Scott, Jr. Scholarship are selected as incoming freshman.  To be eligible for the Walter Scott, Jr. Scholarship, applicants must have a composite ACT score of 30 or higher (1340 SAT) and a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher on a 4.0 scale. Candidates must be admitted into one of the following programs on the Omaha campus:  Architectual Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Construction Engineering, Construction Management,  Electrical Engineering, Bioinformatics, Computer Science,Cyber Security, IT Innovation, or Management Information Systems.  Selected candidates will be contacted to interview with the scholarship selection committee.

Required Documents to be Submitted

1.  Fill out and electronically submit your UNO Application for Admission.  You will be issued your NU ID which is needed to apply.   

2.  Complete the Walter Scott, Jr. Application for Incoming Freshmen.

3.  Download and submit two (2) Peter Kiewit Institute Recommendation Forms.  Letters of recommendation are optional.  Recommendation forms can be faxed to 402.554.2170 or mailed to The Peter Kiewit Institute, 1110 S. 67th St.-PKI 301, Omaha, NE 68182.  Forms sent via mail must be sent certified to verify receipt.

Scholarship deadline is December 15, 2017.

In accordance with NACAC guidelines, recipients of the Walter Scott, Jr. Scholarship will be selected until May 1, 2018 or once all 35 scholarships have been awarded, whichever comes first.  At that time, applicants will be notified that the selection process has closed via email.

Other PKI Scholarships will be available through Mavlink.  Financial aid will be opening scholarship opportunities for the 2018-2019 AY on November 2018.

Scholarship Application for Upperclassmen

Upperclassmen students intending to complete at degree at The Peter Kiewit Institute may complete the Scholarship Application for Upperclassmen.  Deadlilne for submittal is May 15, 2018.

PKI Scholarship Applications

1.  Log into your MavLINK account

2.  Select Apply to 2018-2019 Scholarships

There many ways to get need-based aid to attend college. Here are some links to get started: