Society for Modeling & Simulation (SCS)

The Society for Modeling & Simulation (SCS) is the world’s premier professional society devoted to modeling and simulation. Their mission is to promote the use of modeling and simulation in ever expanding application areas through education and providing a forum where the scientific basis for its foundations can be enriched through education and research.

The SCS chapter at the Peter Kiewit Institute is currently working on a paper for the Autumn Simulation Multi-Conference in October 2012. The paper describes how the students at PKI are using the On-Line Interactive Virtual Environment (OLIVE) as a way for architectural firms to show off their designs to clients.  Firms usually use 3D artist renderings of buildings to show to clients, but OLIVE would be a better option since it is a virtual world that can be explored by avatars.  Essentially, OLIVE allows clients to get a better vision of what their structure will look like so they can more clearly communicate any changes.  Additionally, since anyone with an internet connection can use OLIVE, multiple people from any geographic location can review the design. 

Another project the PKI SCS chapter will be working on in the future is creating a virtual PKI.  The intention is to post the virtual PKI on their website and let prospective students tour the building virtually.  The chapter is also considering modeling the renovations so that Executive Director Dr. Mike McGinnis can show the future PKI at meetings and events.

The current SCS officers include:
President - John Oerter
Vice President - Matt Morhardt
Treasurer - Kate Fickle
Secretary - Wyatt Suddarth
Junior Rep - Jamie Gehringer
Sophomore Rep - Ben Lorenzen

Officer elections will be held again next April. 


If any students would like to get involved with SCS, email John Oerter at

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