Dress for Success

It's an over-used phrase, but all too often ignored; dress for success.  When thinking of the Peter Kiewit Institute, one normally would normally think of research, technology, and education.  Wardrobe tips usually isn't found in the list of adjectives describing our Institute, but is an area of "non-formal" education that PKI feels is important for its students to be successful.  In an effort to prepare our students for the wardrobe life outside the classroom, PKI has partnered with Dick Learner of Bel Air Fashions to serve as a resource for students of PKI.  Visit Wadrobe University to learn more.

Visit these links to watch Dick Lerner present his individual sessions from the workshop "Interview and Work Dress Attire".

1. Introduction

2. Preparation

3. Core Basics

4. Getting Dressed for the Interview

5. Interview Dress Needs to Be Flexible

6. Business Casual

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