PKI Internships and Employment

One of The Peter Kiewit Institute’s primary objectives is to develop graduates who are prepared to join the workforce and make significant contributions in the government, industry and academic sectors.

Internships are an integral part of undergraduate education and professional development.  Internship opportunities provide on-the-job training and valuable networking opportunities as well as enhance the understanding of classroom materials.  To assist students in finding internships, PKI has developed a student internship/employment database designed to match students with development opportunities best suited for their skills and preferences.

Internship/Employment Application

Eligibility:  Students in good standing enrolled in academic programs based at PKI are eligible for PKI sponsored internships and employment services.

Student Application Process:  Complete the PKI Internship/Employment Application and submit electronically to add your information to the PKI database of students.  You will be notified by email of internship/employment opportunities as they become available based on the prerequisites provided by the company.

Link to the application

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