Student Capstone & Research Conference

The Peter Kiewit Institute of the University of Nebraska, in partnership with the University of Nebraska-Lincoln College of Engineering and the University of Nebraska-Omaha College of Information Science & Technology is proud to host the Institute’s fourth annual Student Capstone & Research Conference in Engineering, Information Science and Technology on April 24, 2015.

The Conference will feature presentations by students from the University of Nebraska system.  The Conference affords students with the opportunity to present research, problem solving, prototyping, analysis and findings to a wide audience of fellow students, faculty, judges, and leaders from government and industry.  Students are invited to submit a 250 word abstract for review.  Once an abstract has been approved, students will be invited to present at the Conference.  For many students this will serve as the culminating event of their research and academic careers. 

The conference is organized along presentation tracks which align with PKI academic programs and research clusters.  Each track is assigned independent external judges.  Students will be given 10 minutes to make their presentation using powerpoint, or by other means, to the judges who will identify the top three student presentations from among all who present in each track.  First, second, and third place student teams, and their academic institutions, will be recognized in each track at the evening Capstone Banquet on April 25th.  A best paper award will also be given from among all papers submitted. 

It's easy to participate!

1.  Register and submit your abstract online

2.  Check your email for final approval from the track leader

3.  Upload your powerpoint presentation (reports optional)

4.  Present on April 24, 2015 for your chance to impress industry ledaders and win cash prizes

2015 Student Capstone & Research Conference Timeline

Open call for papers 3/15/15

Registration & Abstract Deadline 4/17/15

Notification Deadline 4/20/15

Project Report Deadline 4/21/15

Conference & Awards 4/24/15




Thank you to our 2015 Sponsors for their commitment to student success.

Level of sponsership:
Platinum - $5,000
Gold - $2,500

Silver - $1,000

2015 Platinum Sponsors

Please contact Leah Ellis for 2015 sponsorship opportunities at or 402.554.2158


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