Center for Collaboration Science

The issues surrounding collaboration are sufficiently complex that no single academic discipline and no single epistemological perspective can encompass them. The Center for Collaboration Science was formed in July, 2006 with funding from a UNO CBA alumnus, Steve Wild, and a grant from the University of Nebraska Foundation. Among the Center's founding members are 12 faculty members from all six colleges, who seek to bring their diversity of knowledge to bear on improving collaboration for organizations in Omaha and the nation at large.

Holland Computing Center

The Holland Computing Center (HCC) provides supercomputing resources, both facilities and expertise, to the University of Nebraska system.  It's most powerful machines are located at PKI. Crane, a cluster with 7232 compute cores and capable of 121.8 TeraFlops (trillion floating point operations per second), was installed in 2014 and debuted as a Top500 supercomputer.  Tusker, a cluster with 6656 compute cores and capable of 43.3 TeraFlops, boasts 256 GB RAM per node.   Both are connected to the outside world at 10 gigabits per second.  HCC staff are located at 152 PKI.

Nebraska University Center for Information Assurance

With the advent of the digital age come significant opportunities and challenges. As the world becomes vitally dependent on networks of computers, it at the same time becomes increasingly and dangerously vulnerable to cyber terrorism. The threats range from something as simple as the hacking of a home-based personal computer to that of shutting down a company, a power grid, a communications system, a military operation, or an entire government. In spite of the severity and immediacy of the problems, there is today an acute shortage of people and programs to meet these ever increasing, critical challenges. To this end, the College of Information Science and Technology at the University of Nebraska at Omaha and the Peter Kiewit Institute have founded the Nebraska University Center for Information Assurance, NUCIA (pronounced "new'-sha").

The University of Nebraska at Omaha has been named a Center of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance Education by the National Security Agency (NSA).

The NSA's goal for the Center of Excellence outreach program is to "reduce vulnerability in the National Information Infrastructure by promoting higher education in information assurance, and producing a growing number of professionals with IA expertise in various disciplines."